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Ray's Leather Cleaner Concentrate & Conditioner 

Ray’s Leather Repair has been working very closely with many well known furniture manufacturers over the last few decades. These relationships have many advantages. Sometimes, we will run into situations where a large shipment may need our services before it reaches the retailer’s warehouse. For example, a loose packed container may hit rough seas before it hits port. We get the opportunity to submit a bid for all the repairs needed. There also may an outbreak of “spew” on high end fatty leathers. It may be packed too tight in plastic and can not breathe properly as the temps dramatically change in transit. Our clients have the option to hire us for all the repairs or sell to us “as-is” at huge discounts.

That is where these high end, TOP GRAIN beautiful leather pieces become available at unbelievable prices! Some pieces may need an complete overhaul, where others, may just have a small scratch or blemish. All leather furniture sold is top quality. These pieces are not vinyl/leather or leather/bonded matches. All leather surfaces including outside panels are ALL LEATHER! Here is where we post our coveted deals! Many times, items are spoken for even before they arrive. This is the page everyone saves and checks in frequently!

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