Serving many manufacturers, retailers, corporate offices and private clients across the northwest!  Whether you are a retail store, leather furniture manufacturer, car dealer, upholster, pet damage victim, or corporate office. We are glad you found us. Here you will find the leather restoration experts you have been looking for. Everyday we embrace the opportunity to bring a reliable solution to all our customers with clear communication, easy scheduling and excellent customer service.      


No matter what your leather need may be , we hope you find your solution here at Ray's Leather Repair & Restoration. Great or small we handle each situation the same. To sharpie marker that reads "I LOVE YOU GRANDMA" on newly purchased leather upholstery or rabbits that love the taste of natural leather. Give us a call, state your emergency and we look forward to resolving your leather catastrophe in a timely manner.


We are proud to say that over the years we have provided a service to many representatives in the leather furniture industry. Communication to consumers and retailers of what their furniture warranty entails and what "IS" and "IS NOT" covered is important. At Ray's Leather Repair we understand that balance and take pride in resolving the ANY issue that may be of concern. Ultimately we want the customer to know that their business is important and their concern is resolved. Whether it is the consumer’s responsibility, (head oil damage) the retailers, (delivery damage) or the Manufacturer’s (open seams & open scars) we can resolve the problem and bill the responsible party.

Reputation says it all! Consumer Service Poll in 2010 stated 92% of disgruntle customers noted they would consider going back to the same company if their problem was resolved and not ignored. Ray’s Leather Repair understands the stress involved with making sure EVERY customer is handled fairly and in a professional fashion. We have tailored our database and forms to communicate in real time. If you have a customer that has a concern, warranty related or not we can set you up in our database. You would be informed immediately when your customer is scheduled, serviced and billed. All at the click of a mouse. (Sample Form)

Over the years we are proud to service many law firms, high rises, cruise ships, and hotels. Lobby leather maintenance is important and you have found the experts for the job. Cleaning leather, maintaining and conditioning is all needed to insure the your company looks its best. We have a quarterly/annual maintenance program depending on your needs. Newspaper stains, spills, scratches and public neglect can all be a thing of the past.



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